Q: What I do as a Life/Career Coach?

A: As a Life/Career Coach, I help people decide what they want to do in life and then develop a plan to get there.  I provide support along the way to stay on track.  For people with disabilities, I incorporate self advocacy and identification of accommodations as well as assistive technology needed to reach goals.

Q: How do I know what I should focus on?

A: Start by taking advantage of my free consultation to identify your specific areas of need.

Q: Can you help me find a job?

A: Once you've gone through the preparation steps needed for a successful job search, I can direct you to resources or provide you with hands on assistance in your search.  You determine the level of assistance provided.

Q: How do I develop a social life?

A: I can assist you in connecting to special interest groups and building social skills through either one on one or group practice sessions.

Q: How much does this service cost?

A: Because the level of assistance required can vary greatly, fees are based on individual need and can be quoted upon initial free consultation.