Teaching Comedy to People with Autism

This video report features one of Susan's clients, Matt Kaiser.  He's a comedian and a recent graduate of Towson University.  Just click on the title link above to view the video.

  Are you struggling for direction in your life or career?

  Does someone you know need help with their personal life or career?

  Are you going through changes, struggling to find direction?

Life is about transitioning - the simple and complex transitions we experience as we grow.  In our personal lives, career, or relationship, the ability to adapt to changes maximizes success.


Coaching fosters the skills needed for successfully transitioning throughout our lifetime.


  Success Transitions also provides expert services to people experiencing disabilities, including individuals with autism, physical, intellectual and psychological disabilities. 

I invite you to explore my website for more information on services available and to contact me for a free initial consultation.

- Susan Howarth


Rehabilitation Technical Specialist

Career/Life Coach 

  Success Transitions